My Comeback to Blogging

I have tried blogging before in Tumblr but due to tremendous (not to mention overwhelming) school works during college years, I have neglected my blog to accommodate the mundane task of completing an Accountancy degree. Now that I am already working as a Business Process Consultant with a flexible time schedule (not in an audit firm anymore that’s why I could now truly resume this forgotten hobby of blogging), I have all the time in the world to sprinkle life to my thoughts and transform them into words. It took me years before this comeback, though.

I was into writing way back in primary school until high school. I remember I was an active journalist/ editor of “The Lathe” and “The Future”, the official school publications of Batangas State University and Future Generation Philippine International School, respectively. However, since my chosen course in college requires a lot of time and patience, I have not considered myself trying out for “Lavoxa”, the official school publication of De La Salle Lipa. I honestly can’t remember when I last wrote a a feature story, or even a simple essay, thus I’m not very confident if I could still convey my thoughts well on paper. However, this is not another writing contest to ace; this is simply a platform of my thoughts which does not need anyone’s professional judgment.

I can envision this blog to be something as random as me. Knowing myself well, I have hoarded a lot of hobbies from gaining various interests – where traveling secured the top spot. Ever since college, I have instilled in my mind the realization of my travel daydreams once I have landed a job. And now that I am working, nothing excites me more than racing with other travel junkies in booking limited promo airfares and discounted tours. Well, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, so they say.

I’m really excited about this blog! I really hope to inspire more people to travel without breaking the bank and appreciate firsthand the beauty of this planet. Together, let us delve into the mountains and the sea.

Until my next post (which is my November Boracay trip),



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