Boracay Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated my blog. So many things have happened – work, DIY trips with friends, and a whole lot more. Anyway, I have compiled a video of the best of my Boracay stay on Facebook . Since  videos can only be uploaded in this blog for a fee, I just uploaded it there. Please see link below for the video. Kindly bear with my editing skills since this is my first attempt to compile a video for my travel.…ed/videos/10205706265254751


Ready for my 3d2n in Boracay! (November 26-28, 2016)

How To Get There

You can always wait for cheaper airfare promos but in our case, I have bought my roundtrip airfare tickets for Php 3,400.00 via AirAsia. If you’re patient enough to wait, promo fares could go way cheaper than that. Also, Manila to Caticlan route is always more expensive than Manila to Kalibo route since it only takes ten minutes to reach Boracay Island from Caticlan airport. If you come from Kalibo airport,  it will take you two hours to reach the island.


We’re both Boracay first-timers!


Can’t wait to be reunited with the beach!!!

In our case, we have bought Manila to Kalibo tickets since it is cheaper than Manila to Caticlan. Upon landing, we rode a public van waiting by the airport to take us to Caticlan Jetty Port for Php 200.00. Upon reaching the port, we paid Php 100.00 for the terminal fee and Php 75.00 for the environmental fee. We then took a 10-minute boat ride to the island for Php 50.00. Upon reaching the land, we rode a tricycle to our hotel for Php 120.00.


We booked our 3d2n stay with La Carmela de Boracay which is strategically located in Station 2 in front of the beach. We got a relatively low price of Php 3,960 for 2 persons for 3d2n via Upon reaching the hotel, we were surprised that our room was upgraded for free since it was lean season. Hooray for free buffet breakfasts and free room upgrade!



Facade of La Carmela de Boracay at night


Kanya-kanyang selfie upon arriving


Pool in front of the hotel


We booked Boracay Pubcrawl beforehand to get discounts. Basically, it is bar hopping to five major bars there with strangers who also joined Pubcrawl. It was an amazing and fun experience! Check out their website for more details.


The last of five bars – Paraw Club, situated in the beachfront of Station 1


Party straight from the airport!


Really loving the beach sand inside this bar!


Cushions on the beach sand!

Since we had a lot of hangover during our first night, I opted for a massage during the next day. We also explored the beach and tried helmet diving for the first time!


Swimming with a school of fish


Helmet is really heavy above the water, but you won’t feel the weight once you’re under the sea!


Walking underwater be like

We also indulged on a perfect view of the sunset while riding a paraw – basically it’s a boat wherein you sit/lie/nap on the net instead. It also sails smoothly and it leaves you a feeling of calmness and serenity.



Mapapa-emote ka dito mga bes!

During our third and last day, we did parasailing. We were both first timers and it sure added to the thrill!



Up up and away!


Majestic view from above!

Before heading back to Kalibo airport, we did a last-minute tour to Puka beach. We did most of the swimming here since it is more secluded than the Boracay mainland.


No filter needed for Puka Beach!


Vitamin Sea!


Saltwater here I go!


Excuse the fats


Underwater shot (again, excuse the fats)

After Puka Beach, we tried the famous Jonah’s shake and had a sumptuous lunch at Boracay Toilet. Finally, we went shopping for pasalubong at D’Mall.


We tried the Mango-Banana fruit shake. The legend is real! You should definitely try their fruit shakes!




General Expenses

Roundtrip airfare                                         Php 3,400.00

Van from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port              200.00

Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal fee                          100.00

Environmental fee                                                     75.00

Tricycle to hotel (Php 120/2)                                  60.00

3d2n hotel share (Php 3,960/2)                        1,980.00

Helmet diving, parasailing, paraw sailing    2,150.00

Habal habal to Puka Beach (Php 400/2)           200.00

Boracay Pubcrawl (bar hopping)                         690.00

One hour massage                                                   350.00

Package transpo to Kalibo (boat + van)            250.00

Kalibo Airport Terminal fee                                  200.00

Food                                                                          1,000.00

Pasalubong                                                             1,000.00

Total                                                                Php 11,655.00


All in all, I can say that my first time in Boracay is definitely fun and fulfilling! Boracay has exceeded my expectations. Compared to Palawan, it is more lively and there are a lot more activities to do here. However, Palawan still holds the top spot in my heart because of its amazing rock formations which Boracay doesn’t have. Palawan also has clearer water and finer white sand than that of Boracay’s. But since what I’m after during this vacation is more on unwinding and fun, Boracay is really the choice to make. Boracay’s white sand and turquoise waters did not fail me as well. In fact, I am booked again to Boracay with my sister and cousin on September 4-7 this year. This time, I got it at a steal for only Php 1,400.00 for the roundtrip airfare! I can’t wait to try the island hopping that I’ve missed there due to limited time!

I hope I was able to help you a lot in planning your Boracay itinerary as well. As for the activities package, try contacting our local guide (I forgot the name though) – 09103101494.

Tune in for more of my trips!




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