Conquering Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas


(From left to right) The Electrical Engineer, the Certified Public Accountant and the Qatar Tribune Journalist who founded and organized Walwal Tours, as seen compressing themselves on top of Maculot Rockies kahit isa isa lang daw dapat ang pag-aura dun for safety purposes (mga nagsama-samang pasaway hahaha!)

Almost a decade after my first mountain hiking experience (which is the Taal crater by the way when I was still in high school), finally my rusty joints at rest were in the groove again to hike another mountain – this time it was Mt. Maculot.

It won’t be possible without my mountaineer friends from high school who persuaded me to go backpacking in the mountains. I was more of a beach person than a mountain, so hiking one means getting out of my comfort zone. Since we are all residents of Batangas and it is easily accessible to us, without further ado we headed straight to Mt. Maculot last December 23, 2016. (Yes, this is a long overdue post )

My companions, Clint and Marson, are both well-equipped when it comes to vigorous outdoor activities. Needless to say, I was often left behind as my heartbeat raced and my knees shook while trekking the so-called mountain for beginners. Marson, for one, has just trekked Petra in Jordan which is obviously more challenging to hike than Mt. Maculot. On the other hand, Clint is very active in joining DIY mountain treks around the Philippines. I wasn’t into exercising yet during the time we hiked, so my body was not really in its best condition to conquer mountains.

However, this did not stop me from accepting the challenge of hiking another mountain.


That genuine, thankful smile when we finally made it on top!


Wagi pose

We started to hike around 8:00 in the morning and reached the summit around lunch time. We hired a guide for a standard rate of Php 400 per group. The local government there imposed that a tour guide is required to trek Mt. Maculot ever since a hiker fell from the Maculot Rockies and died. (Scary!)


Just a few steps from the peak, we paused for a while to rest and catch our breath while indulging on pandan-flavored iced candy sold by a bunch of kids


Put your left foot out!


I don’t know where I got the courage to sit here peacefully while the strong winds blow me to the direction of that cliff. Yes, one wrong move here and I am to be found lifeless on the other side of the mountain. Which is why upon seeing this photo, my mom went berserk and blabbered about how unsafe my adventures can be – with matching kurot.

So there, folks. This is one hell of another heart-racing experience to remember by. What a bliss to reach the peak with your friends – whether it be conquering mountains or chasing dreams!





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