A Taste of Athens, Greece in Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

I admit I was hesitant to go here at first; I was kinda skeptical about the legitimacy of its photos circulating around the web. I thought they were just enhanced, or edited to make them look more attractive.

Located in the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas – just a few hours from my hometown lies this picturesque beauty. With my Walwal friends (as how we distinguish our friendship group whose common denominator is our itchy feet to explore and travel), we gave Fortune Island a chance and headed to its shores on December 30, 2016. It was decided that it’ll be our last getaway before 2016 ends. Beware of the big waves though – you can get really seasick with two hours of sailing just to witness its wonder. As we approach this island amidst all the waves we had to go through,  we were welcomed by this jaw-dropping white coastline.


I wasn’t really expecting much about it, but then I was surprised that Fortune Island is a bomb!

However, going to the shore itself is another challenge. Because of the big waves and rocks underneath, we had to jump out of the boat from a few meters and swim our way to the shore. We had to really tighten our grip with the rope connecting the boat and the shore as waves come our way. I’m not even kidding here – expect big scary waves that will make you think twice about your decision to go here, not to mention the huge rocks that may bruise your legs while finding your way to the shore. About our baggage, the boatmen put it inside a big plastic bag and let it float ’til it reached the shore while inside a basin. This may have been the most challenging island hopping I’ve ever experienced, but it was definitely worth every hassle.







Roundtrip van transfers from Batangas City to Nasugbu

Php 500.00

Roundtrip boat transfers (PhP 4,000.00 / 10 persons)

Php  400.00

Environmental/ Entrance fee for day tour

Php 300.00

Food – Potluck

Accommodation – Free! Just bring your own tent and pitching is free

Total expenses – Php 1,200.00

If you want to indulge in this underdeveloped island (no electricity and no water), contact our boatman Kuya Joel – 09361276462.

Enjoy playing in the big waves and basking under the scorching sun!




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