2d1n Retreat to Anawangin Cove with Side Trip to Capones and Camara Islands in Zambales

Out of the blue, my friends and I have decided on where to unwind for a weekend away from work-related stress, and that happened to be in Zambales.

For this trip, we canvassed local tour operators over Facebook and finally decided to avail the services of McTrail Travel & Tours, which offered us an all-inclusive tour package for only Php 1,600.00 per person. That already included our van transfers from Manila to Zambales and vice versa, roundtrip boat rides, island hopping, complete meals for our 2d1n escape from the city, and tent rentals. Not bad, right? You can visit their Facebook page for more details here.

It was 2am of January 7, 2017 (early Saturday morning) when our van departed from Cubao. Geared with our overnight camping necessities, we slept the long ride away to Zambales.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by our boatman and immediately took our morning sail to Capones, Camara and Anawangin Cove. However, due to big waves that day, we were not allowed to take off the boat to Camara Island. Instead, we just passed through it from afar.

Next stop is Capones Island. Still far from our sight, we were already in awe of its teeming fine, white sand and light blue waters, as well as its superb rock formations.


The signature pose of Walwal Frenelins


Look at that lush rock formation from behind!


Not as white as Boracay or Palawan, but its beach sure is clean and tempting too!


Just because this rock formation deserves a pose. Haha!


It was very hot here in Zambales, but it didn’t take away the fun in enjoying this island.

After an hour of exploring Capones Island, we sailed to Anawangin Cove, which is where we pitched our tent and stayed the night. It was noon when we arrived, and the heat was too intense to take a dip in the tempting waters. After eating our lunch, we proceeded to pitch our tent in a shady area along with the other campers and eased our boredom first by playing card games which my friend brought. We only decided to go for a swim when the sun is almost bidding goodbye.


The morning after, we trekked the nearby mountain to catch a bird’s eye view of Anawangin cove. We were in awe of the view from atop!


I swear this view will instantly take all your stress away!



Enjoying the scenery with a family we’ve befriended during this trip


Overall, this camping experience is worth trying at least once in your life. Get to know more about yourself when placed in a secluded island where there is no cellphone signal or wifi, and where you have to leave your comfortable bed behind and sleep instead a tent. This is a real detox – you have no choice but to just relax, admire the terrific view in front of you, and socialize with your friends instead of looking at your phones all day.

I hope you try it too! It reconnects you with your friends; you’ll definitely bring home more fun experiences because you’re stuck with just talking with each other, given that there is no wifi or cellphone signal to distract your ultimate bonding experience.

And don’t fret that there’s no electricity here as well. The night is so cold here that you won’t even notice there’s none.


Credit goes to my amazing bestfriend here for our wonderful travel photos!


Bonus part: we were featured in the Lifestyle Page of Qatar Tribune courtesy of my best friend Marson’s co-worker! Isn’t that great?

‘Til our next adventure,



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